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Jinnah Foundation (Memorial) Trust (JF) is a registered charitable non-profit organization established by Mr. Liaquat H. Merchant and a group of committed philanthropists, in March 1989. JF’s aim is to provide quality health and education services, especially to those who do not have access to these because of financial constraints.

JF was established in the memory of the founder of Pakistan Mohammed Ali Jinnah who always laid emphasis on education. It is a fact that education is a key factor in the development of the personality of a child and the nation as a whole. With this motivation, the JF Trust follows the vision of the Quaid-e-Azam in letter and spirit and strives to provide high standard education to the children.

As a testimony of this idea, the Jinnah Foundation Secondary School, located in Bhittai Colony, Korangi-Karachi, stands as a beacon of light imparting quality education for the past 27 years to the children with special emphasis on female education.

“You must concentrate on gaining knowledge and education. It is your foremost responsibility” M.Jinnah


Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah always laid stress on education and frequently pointed out that gaining knowledge and education was our foremost responsibility. We believe that through education we can make a person well informed and wiser,and also a better citizen of the country. Following this vision The Jinnah Foundation Secondary School tries to educate and groom the children into becoming enlightened and responsible citizens of Pakistan. Our aim is to make them competent enough to pursue successful careers in life, which can help increase their standard of living. This improvement in their lives helps break the age old cycle of poverty.

“You are the nation's leaders of tomorrow and you must fully equip yourself by discipline, education and training” M.Jinnah
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Jinnah Foundation Secondary School


Jinnah Foundation Secondary School (JFSS) stands like a beacon of light in Bhittai Colony Korangi, Karachi imparting quality education to the children from this area. The school houses four buildings having 60 class rooms plus a lab and an auditorium, on an area of 1600 sq. yards. The Faculty includes a group of dedicated teachers and a Coordinator for primary and secondary sections. More than 1300 children are enrolled in the school.

At JF we go a step further and provide need based scholarships to bright high achieving students for their higher/ college education. Students who studied at JFSS are now pursuing higher studies and leading successful careers in life.

  • Primary section offers education to both boys and girls
  • Secondary section focuses on education for girls only
  • Need based scholarships are provided to deserving students.
  • The school holds interactive events like Science Fairs, Sports Day, Elocution Contests and Debates on a regular basis to encourage the students to express and polish their talents.
  • Over the years many bright students of the school have taken up careers in medicine, engineering, BDS , CA and other disciplines.
  • The school provides employment to its ex-students and some of them are part of the faculty now
  • Noor-ul-Ain, a student of Jinnah Foundation got a gold medal in Masters in Zoology from Karachi University
  • Shumaila is studying Medicine
  • Maria and Rubab are doing M.Phil from Karachi University.


Jinnah Foundation aims to improve the facilities and services at the school and mobilize all its funds and efforts to:

  • Increase the number of students enrolled at the school with the incentive of subsidized fees plus quality education
  • Establishment of more schools on the same pattern in other localities
  • Providing Vocational Centers for students upon completion of schooling
  • Organize ‘ Teachers Training Workshops ’
  • Upgrade the curriculum, laboratories, computer division and library
  • Addition of a Science & Commerce College especially for girls
  • Actively engaging and mobilizing the philanthropic corporate sector of Pakistan and the aids agencies to help the Jinnah Foundation achieve its educational goals

“Develop a sound sense of discipline, Character, Initiative and a solid Academic Background” M.Jinnah


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