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The Board of Trustees operates through several sub-committees represented by the members of the Board of Trustees, Administration and Faculty and Alumni of Jinnah Foundation Secondary School as detailed in the following.

Human Resource

members yet to be nominated


The department oversees and provides technical assistance regarding operations which includes procurement of uniforms, books and supplies; and medical facilities for students and staff. Regular maintenance of facilities also comes under the purview of this committee


This committee formulates and monitors academic planning which includes planning curriculum, measuring student performance, teachers training workshops and evaluation of teachers’ performance.


The committee is responsible for financial planning and management including the financial reporting of revenues and expenses, fees collection/reporting, wages/salaries payment, bank accounts and cash management, audit and production of statutory accounts.


The department focuses on :

  • Donors
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Regulators

The responsibilities include providing information , guidance and advice to the target market through a Marketing Business Plan & producing publications covering school activities, provision of business cards and school prospectus

Post Graduate Scholarship Committee

The Jinnah College Board Scholarships Committee provides scholarships to the high achieving/deserving students of the school for their higher/professional studies

Concessions Committee

The committee consists of representatives from school administration and Board of Trustees. It provides fee waivers/concessions to deserving students from the ‘ Jinnah Foundation Welfare Endowment Fund